About Us

Integrated Trading Services CC

Regenerative gardening, recycling, solar batteries, and consulting for decarburization services are all areas of business for the Namibian firm Integrated Trading Services CC (ITS).
Processing organic refuse, creating gas for cooking, energy, biofuel, and agricultural soil amendments. We have a successful connection with all of our stakeholders and are partnered with experienced and knowledgeable engineers from around the world to improve processes and goods.


To offer premium goods and services at the best possible price in order to foster stronger and long-lasting client relationships.


To become every customer’s first option for our goods and services.


How we make a difference

  • We are a green business powered by nature.
  • We support low-income communities with affordable cooking gas.
  • We enable reduction in carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane (CH4), in order to reduce it’s impact on the climate.
  • We create jobs in our community.
  • We facilitate production of locally produced products.